B2B marketing statistics

by | Jan 11, 2019

I don’t usually just post a link to another person’s blog post, but I found a really interesting piece today that seems too good to not share.

This post on B2B marketing statistics is from Blue Corona, a web marketing company in the USA. Hats off to them, there’s some serious research gone into compiling all these statistics in one place. It’s refreshing to read a post that’s 100% focussed on B2B, and has lots of real, useful numbers.

Inevitably there’s a few claims and statistics that seem less grounded in reality, but there’s some great nuggets of information.

For example, by next year, the percentage of B2B search queries on smartphones is expected to grow to 70%.

Really? Well, Google has been telling us something similar for years, and now prioritizes mobile site results, so there’s probably something in it. And I guess if you include travel-related items like hotels and train tickets, the number probably makes more sense.

Anyway, it’s a thought-provoking post that’s well worth reading – and may challenge some of your ideas about B2B marketing.