Investing in technology as a writer

by | Mar 23, 2019

I last wrote about the technology I use as a writer about four years ago, and the basics still apply. Really, any modern laptop does the job nowadays, with a decent external keyboard and screen.

But I’m increasingly realising I need a new monitor. Being able to have multiple screens open side-by-side is essential as a copywriter – at the very least, I’m writing up one source of information, so need that open next to my Word document. Increasingly, I’ve got multiple web pages and source documents open, so it’s time to invest in something to replace my ageing 22-inch Samsung.

Will it pay for itself in the time I save? Possibly… over multiple years. But it will at least make the writing experience more enjoyable. Just as importantly, it’ll stop me thinking about the monitor and moving windows around – so I can just concentrate on the writing.