Bluetooth keeps on keeping on

by | Jan 7, 2020

I wrote about Bluetooth a couple of years ago, and how it has become the dominant wireless technology in many applications. It’s been fascinating following its development over the last twenty years or so.

The excuse for mentioning it today is a new version of the standard that’s just been announced, LE Audio, which aims to improve features for audio transmission and sharing, and to deliver better quality sound while using less power.

My first reaction to this announcement was to think that this is too much complexity, and too many options, for consumers to think about. Now, I see this announcement is targeted at OEMs and manufacturers – consumers will only need to think about ‘Bluetooth’ as one thing, and it will just work better. It’s like Wi-Fi: almost everybody ignores all the variants and options, as long as it works reliably and efficiently.

I’m still not sure if Bluetooth is treading the right path between adding too many options and features, and staying simple enough. But its tremendous success, so far, suggests that the people behind it really know what they’re doing.