Why should I attend your online event?

by | May 6, 2020

With more and more exhibitions launching an ‘online’ or ‘digital’ alternative to the cancelled face-to-face version, how can you stand out from the noise? How can you make people want to attend your event, and avoid just seeming like another pop-up website?

Some organisers take the ‘virtual trade show’ route, where you get to walk around an online version of an actual hall, complete with booths, graphics, and presumably queues for overpriced food. I have to say I’m not a fan: what customer need is this meeting? Why would I want to experience the worst bits of an exhibition from my own home?

Alternatively, the risk is that your virtual event feels like just one more of the millions of videos or webinars thrown onto the internet, and will disappear amongst all the others.

My advice:

  • Keep it targeted to people who will be genuinely interested
  • Explain clearly what someone will gain from attending
  • Make the event live so there’s a reason to attend at a particular time
  • See if you can add that little extra: maybe a free-to-enter prize draw for attendees? Or a quiz where the answers are in your presentation?

Whatever it takes to make it feel unmissable, you can be sure it will cost way less than actually exhibiting.