The Wayback Machine

by | Oct 14, 2020

Recently, I needed to go back to 2015/16 to find out when I made some changes to a client’s website. While I’m a bit of a packrat, and keep everything, it would have taken me a while to plough through archived files and emails to confirm exactly what happened in which month.

Instead, I used the Wayback Machine, which is a digital archive of more than 477 billion web pages. Founded by the Internet Archive, a non-profit organisation in California, it has stored copies of web pages since 1996.

I’m not sure it’s really intended for this kind of usage, but it was a huge time-saver for me. And of course you can research almost any website, so it’s invaluable for checking back on historical information, or things that may have been deleted. It’s also chock full of free music.

So, if you’d like to see it carry on its good work, please consider making a donation here.