Apple and Arm

by | Nov 13, 2020

It’s been well-trailed, so there were no surprises, but this week’s big tech news was Apple’s new range of laptops and Mac Minis, which have shifted from Intel processors to an Arm-based design.

Quick side note just to remind myself that Arm traces its roots back to the BBC Micro – very much a nostalgia trip for UK nerds who grew up in the 1980s*, of course.

There’s a lot of sense in Apple’s move, and it’s a big win for Arm. Will it eventually lead to the iPad and Mac product lines merging? Who knows, but Apple will have thought this move through extremely carefully, with a long-term roadmap to continue its world domination.

One interesting twist in the story is that Arm has just been bought by NVIDIA. Could this cause problems for Apple down the line? There’s a good article on Forbes discussing this, and pointing out that Apple may eventually want the control and independence of its own chip architecture.

*Like me.