iPad vs laptop

by | Sep 26, 2021

My current work laptop is a 2015-model MacBook Air, and I’m starting to wonder if I should replace it soon.

But that got me thinking – do I really need a laptop? Could an iPad take its place, and be lighter and cheaper? And do I need to stay in the Mac/iPhone/iPad world, or is it time to go back to Windows and Android? Or even think about a Chromebook?

Many questions and options, but after some online research, I think that iPads are not quite ready to be my main workhorse – not because they don’t support enough apps or have enough computing power, but really because they don’t handle multiple simultaneous apps and windows well enough for me. For copywriting, I’m often working from several source documents, across multiple apps, and I just can’t see how an iPad could handle this.

What about a Windows 10 tablet? This is starting to look attractive, particularly with the new Surface Go 2 that Microsoft just announced. Add a keyboard, and some cloud storage, and I’m good to go (pardon the pun).

More research needed, but I’m increasingly thinking it’s back to the Windows world for me, after many years on Macs.

Wish me luck.